Finding Stoicism


I've always tried to live my life by an idyllic set of values, such as a strong sense of justice and courage with my convictions. Being able to learn and ask the stupid question is something I have always done. I've never felt like a question asked has ever "left egg on my face" and I've asked some very dumb questions before. Jokes and quips go over my head all the time, I never feel bad when this happens. If someone said something bad of me, I try to keep an open mind as to why they would be annoyed.

I've been trying to chill, to not allow myself to get upset over things out of my control. This has been a loosing battle, but I've been keeping at it with limited success. I watch a lot of videos about minimalism, which I try to practice, again with little success. The thought of having a clean, functional, tranquil home is very appealing to me, but again, this is within reach but it hasn't happened because of my lack of dedication.

So I continue on the path laid out, it's bumpy and it's rough, but I'll get there in the end.